IBM voices its support for the CCR’s mission

CCR is very pleased to announce IBM’s support to its mission.  IBM is the company most broadly involved in game-changing Artificial Intelligence, with technologies such as Synapse, Blue Brain, Watson and Cloud Computing.  Jim Spohrer, Director of IBM’s Worldwide university programs, stated: “The CCR presciently tackles the critical question “What should be learned in an age of Artificial Intelligence?”. This effort is as far reaching as it is timely…”

“Workforce Readiness Barometer”: The Conference Board and the Hewlett Foundation host 21st century skills assessment event in NYC

On February 29, 2012, The Conference Board and the Hewlett Foundation hosted a meeting dedicated to discussing the development of a “Workforce Readiness Barometer”.  The attendee list (bios)included representatives from Boeing and IBM, and the dinner presentation on workforce readiness was given by Gad Levanon, director of macroeconomic research at The Conference Board.

The following presenters were featured (see Agenda):

  • CCR founder Charles Fadel – also senior fellow, human capital at The Conference Board – presented first the next morning (see his presentation on the CCR Slideshare site).
  • Dr Merrilea Mayo, founder, Mayo Enterprises, presented on the ground-breaking skills assessments work she is doing under a grant from the Kellog Foundation.
  • Leslie Beller, Chicago Public Schools, presented on the incorporation of Skills and their assessments in the public school system in Chicago.
  • Mary Wright, Associate Director at The Conference Board, presented a proposal for a Workforce Readiness Barometer.

Bernie Trilling and Charles Fadel, co-authors of best-seller “21st Century Skills“, will be producing a report which will be posted here (watch for this link to become active).


Economists and educators roundtable, sponsored by the McGraw-Hill and US Council Foundations, explores future human capital needs

On February 24, 2012 the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation and the US Council Foundation sponsored the “Roundtable on education and human capital requirements” in New York city.  The attendees included a number of leading economists and educators, (bios). The aim was to answer the CCR question “What should students learn in the 21st century?” with an eye towards human capital requirements.

The scoping paper prepared by Charles Fadel is available, and so is the agenda.  Charles’s presentation can be found on the Slideshare CCR site.  Other presenters were (in order of appearance):

A white paper summarizing the outcomes is now available along with a video montage of some of the participants answering the CCR question.

We are indebted to the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation and to the US Council Foundation for making it all possible.


The New York Hall of Science lends its support to CCR

We are very pleased to announce that the New York Hall of Science, one of the premier hands-on science and technology centers in the world, is now a CCR supporter.  Margaret Honey, President and CEO of the NYSCI, stated: ““The vision that you are building to deeply redesign curricula…is key to the process of transforming education globally”.  Read her full letter here. Dr Honey is an eloquent advocate for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and the importance of informal learning environments.