CCR’s Second Economists’ Colloquium Reaffirms the Importance of Skills and Highlights Versatility

“Man and Machine: The Impact of Technology on Employment” was the theme of the second CCR economists’ colloquium.  Several leading economists, including MIT’s David Autor and Frank Levy, debated the potential impact of technology, and reaffirmed that in an age of search and Artificial Intelligence, “21st Century Skills” such as Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration are all the more essential.

The advances of technology were presented by Charles Fadel (CCR)and Rob Nail (Singularity University).  David Autor presented the latest curves on the US economy-wide changes in job task content.

Quite notably, and echoing CCR’s Futurists and Economists Colloquia, Frank Levy highlighted the importance of versatility of knowledge and skill as a wise response to uncertain economic times.

Please see our Conferences page for the presentations.

The Center for Curriculum Redesign is grateful to the Hewlett Foundation, the US Council Foundation and the McGraw-Hill Research Foundation for their support of the research and the event.