21st Century Mathematics Conference strongly supports changes to OECD’s PISA Maths for 2021

The Fondation Helvetica Educatio (The Center for Curriculum Redesign’s (CCR) sister foundation) hosted its “21st Century Mathematics” conference on May 25, 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, which attracted numerous influential delegates from over twenty countries who strongly supported critical, necessary changes of OECD’s PISA Maths for 2021. It was the positive conclusion of a four-year effort started with the Stockholm Conference on Mathematics.

Please see our Conferences page for the presentations and CCR’s recommendations for PISA Maths 2021.

The CCR is grateful to the OECD for their continued partnership, as well as to the Jacobs Foundation, Gebert Ruf Stiftung, Dudley Wright Foundation, Swissnex, the International School of Geneva, and the Moser Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland) for their generous support.