Modern Mathematics Global Standards Announced by CCR

November 10, 2021 – The Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR) is pleased to announce the availability of its Modern Mathematics Standards, four years in the making.

The Modern Mathematics standards for PreK-10th grade encompass traditional branches such as Arithmetic, Geometry, and Algebra, curated for relevance and augmented by more comprehensive coverage of Statistics/Probabilities and the explicit introduction of Discrete/Computational mathematics.  These two branches have been needed for the past 40 (!) years, according to an NSF report to respond to the needs of life and work.  

To quote John Allen Paulos, Mathematician at Temple University and widely published author, “Gullible citizens are a demagogue’s dream… almost every political issue has a quantitative aspect” and “numbers and probability provide the basis for statistics, which, together with Logic, constitute the foundation of the Scientific Method.”

Andreas Schleicher, director of the OECD’s Directorate for Education and Skills commented on CCR’s work, “I congratulate CCR on the work it has achieved over the last four years and its contribution to the advancement of Mathematics.  CCR has doggedly pursued an agenda of relevance and modernisation of education standards and assessments; PISA’s future and continued success will closely depend on our ability to rethink the question: What should students learn for the 21st century? This is CCR’s seminal question.”

Philanthropic co-funders of this work, MIT alumni Messrs. Jack Little (founder and chairman of MathWorks) and Ray Stata (founder and chairman of Analog Devices), stated, “Evolving standards to emphasize what matters in Mathematics for the modern world is critical for inspiring future generations of mathematicians, engineers, and scientists and for significantly better mathematical literacy for the broad population. The pandemic has sadly demonstrated how very few people truly understood important topics such as exponentials, probabilities and so on.  We are very pleased to support CCR’s initiative and its vision.”

Charles Fadel, founder and chairman of CCR, added, “The needs of this century range from deep-level understanding of important subjects/topics such as risk, statistical process control, algorithms etc. which matter to every citizen, as well as for leading-edge mathematics professions such as data scientists.  This comprehensive redesign will appeal to a significant number of advanced jurisdictions.  We are deeply grateful to Messrs. Jack Little and Ray Stata for their generosity and trust.”

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