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The Assessment Research Consortium (ARC) is a collaborative entity – a “pre-competitive Research & Development consortium” modeled after industry’s similar endeavors in Semiconductors, Biotechnology, etc. Its goal is to redesign systems of measuring Learners’ progress, aligned to 21st century competencies and desired education outcomes. Leaders from governments, the private sector, academia, and nonprofit organizations are members of the consortium, which collectively oversees key research projects to define “assessments for and as learning” across the four dimensions of: Knowledge, Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning (comprehensively described in “Four-Dimensional Education“).

The OECD’s Dirk Vandamme, expert on the ARC advisory board, described it as a “much-needed initiative”.

Two landmark reports are now available:

Details on the Consortium (including membership tiers), its research strategy and operating procedures, can be found in the documents below:

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