CCR Releases New Book, “Education for the Age of AI”

CCR is delighted to announce its recent and highly timely new book, Education for the Age of AI (CCR, 2024).

This new book builds on the global success of its former books, Artificial Intelligence in Education (CCR, 2019), Four-Dimensional Education (CCR, 2015), and 21st Century Skills (Wiley, 2009).

There is no hiding from Artificial Intelligence. Its impact on humankind, including education, will be significant in the coming years. Absent comprehensive adaptation, education systems will become increasingly unstable, unable to balance all that is required of them.

This AI-powered wave must encourage educators to deeply, yet carefully, reconsider Why, What, and How students should learn. Education for the Age of AI provides the detailed map. In its pages, educators, policymakers, and even concerned parents and students, will find troves of detailed and practical recommendations and innovative strategies for improving and modernizing education across all levels, from global policy to the local classroom.

For over a decade, CCR has devoted its entire energies to answering the question of “Why, What, and How should students learn for the 21st century and the age of AI?” This focus has uniquely positioned CCR to lead these discussions as AI’s impact grows. 

Reviewers have kindly called the book “exceptionally deep and exceptionally broad,” “fabulous,” and “fantastic.” But we invite you to formulate your own opinion, and most critically, “think globally and act locally.”

Charles Fadel, Founder & Chairman

CCR’s Framework Venn diagram of Knowledge, Skills, and Character overlapping, with Meta-Learning surrounding all three and the learner in the center. An arrow with purpose, agency, and identity moving through motivation points to the right.