Character education conference: contents now available including the Geneva Declaration

Delegates described the “Character Education for a Challenging Century” conference as “fantastic”, “wonderful” and “inspirational”, culminating with the Geneva Declaration.  The content of the conference  is now available below (and please scroll down further to read instructions on how to access the videos).

PresentationImportance of Character Education to OECD and all countries – Andreas Schleicher (Director, Education and Skills Directorate, OECD)

PresentationWhy Character Education? Exponential technologies and their impact on humankind – Charles Fadel (Center for Curriculum Redesign)
Presentation: Human Enhancements redefining what it means to be human – Richard Sandford (Researcher, U. of Bristol)
PresentationDeveloping Courage – Bernard Harris (First African-American astronaut to perform a spacewalk)
Talk: Wilful Blindness and the need for deep integrity – Margaret Heffernan (author, “Wilful blindness” and TEDGlobal presenter) – WATCH VIDEO (see instructions below)
Conference notesEducation, “Bildung” and Mindfulness Han de Wit (Acharya, Shambhala; representative of Sakyong Mipham for Europe)
PresentationLeadership for humanity’s best instincts – Carsten Sudhoff (Founder, The Circular Society, and former Chief Human Resources Officer, World Economic Forum)
Presentation: Intellectual Virtues: What they are and Why We Need Them.”–  Barry Schwartz (Professor, Swarthmore College, and presenter)
PresentationOECD’s Research on “Social and Emotional Skills” – Dirk Van Damme (Head of CERI, Directorate for Education and Skills, OECD)
Presentation: Assessing Character – Shanette Porter (Professor, U. of Chicago)
Presentation: The Pornified Life:  What is the impact of these messages and what can be done? – Mary Anne Layden (Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania) – WATCH VIDEO (see instructions below)
Presentation: Moral and social development priorities in child-raising – Richard Weissbourd (Director, Human Development and Psychology program, Harvard Graduate School of Education)
Talk: Courage: can it still blossom in an era of over-protection? Gerard D’Aboville (First person to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by rowing, solo; author, “Alone”) – WATCH VIDEO (see instructions below)
Presentation  and PaperAwakening student curiosity – Dr Conrad Hughes (Director of Education, ISG)
Presentation: The importance of Mindset – Eduardo Briceño (CEO, Mindset Works, collaborator of Stanford University’s Carol Dweck on “Mindset”)
Presentation: How Schools Can Develop Character: Teaching for Social / Emotional Learning – Linda-Darling-Hammond (Professor, Stanford University)

Presentation: Character education framework for the 21st century (Charles Fadel, Founder of CCR)


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We are sincerely indebted and grateful to the following organizations and foundations for their support:  Fondation Helvetica Educatio (Geneva, Switzerland); Montes Alti Education Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland); Fondation Henri Moser (Geneva, Switzerland); and our partners: OECD/CERI (Paris, France); and the International School of Geneva.