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*The conference will be conducted in English*

In partnership with the OECD and the International School of Geneva

Online and in Geneva
limited seating available

“There is every reason to place renewed emphasis
on the moral and cultural dimensions of education…”
-UNESCO, International Commission on Education in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, humanity is facing severe difficulties at the societal economic and personal levels:

  • Societal:
    • Greed manifested through the financial meltdown, global warming, and personal privacy invasions.
    • Intolerance manifested through religious fundamentalism and political absolutism.
  • Economic: Challenges such as globalization, and the pursuit of innovation.
  • Personal: Goals of employability, and happiness.

Technology’s exponential growth is rapidly compounding the problems via automation and offshoring, which are producing social disruptions.  Education is falling behind the curve[1], as it did during the Industrial Revolution.


The Character[2] Education Global Conference 2014 will bring together a global, growing community focused on the theme of “Character education for success in life and work”.  Join leading educators, policymakers, executives, and spiritual leaders to discuss solutions to the crucial questions:  Which character traits matter most for the 21st century?  And how are they best developed?

This two and one half-day conference will endeavor to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Stress the urgency for integration of character education into the current education standards
  2. Produce a global consensus on the most important elements of the character education
  3. Increase public and political awareness of the significance of character education for the society as a whole
  4. Inform educators and policymakers about the research indicating importance of character for success in college, work and life
  5. Showcase successful government/education/corporate partnerships that are incorporating character education, in both formal, organizational, and informal education

[1] Goldin/Katz “The race between education and technology”

[2] By “Character” we mean: “Agency, Attitudes, Behaviors, Dispositions, Mindsets, Personality, Temperament, Values” aka “Social & Emotional Skills” (OECD)