CCR specializes in synthesizing the latest research from a variety of fields to create actionable frameworks and implementation strategies for educators. Due to the overwhelming body of work and the time-consuming nature of the education field, this research often doesn’t reach classrooms. CCR evaluates the quality of this constantly-evolving research and makes the best of these studies actionable to schools and educators so they can positively transform their students’ learning outcomes. 

4-Dimensional Framework

One of the core outcomes of this work is CCR’s 4-Dimensional Framework. It states that the Knowledge Dimension, which education has historically paid near-exclusive attention to, still matters but must be modernized and complemented with three additional dimensions that feature 10 competencies: Skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication), Character (curiosity, courage, resilience, and ethics), and Meta-Learning (metacognition and metaemotion). These dimensions and competencies are CCR’s answer to the question,What should students learn in the age of AI?”

Cross-Dimensional Drivers

However, in Education for the Age of AI, CCR posits that there is an additional question that must be asked in an age of exponential technologies and ongoing global disruptions, and that is, Why should students learn in the age of AI?” To answer this question, CCR introduced its Cross-Dimensional Drivers: Motivation, Identity, Agency, and Purpose. When these drivers are nurtured, bolstered by the competencies and disciplines of the dimensions, students can become lifelong learners who continuously seek relevant learning experiences well-suited to the always-shifting contexts of their lifetimes. 

CCR’s signature diagram illustrates, at a high level, the framework: CCR’s Framework Venn diagram of Knowledge, Skills, and Character overlapping, with Meta-Learning surrounding all three and the learner in the center. An arrow with purpose, agency, and identity moving through motivation points to the right.

Click the buttons below to explore the framework’s two connected parts, what (dimensional competencies) and why (cross-dimensional drivers) students should learn: