Global Maths conference affirms the need to deeply redesign Mathematics standards

On April 22-24, 2013 the CCR hosted its “21st Century Mathematics” conference in Stockholm, Sweden which attracted numerous influential participants from over twenty countries.  The final agenda is given here.

The CCR is grateful to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprises and the OECD for their partnership, as well as to the Gates Foundation, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and the Moser Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland) for their generous support.

The conference presentations are available below:

  • Greetings and Introduction: Charles Fadel (CCR & BIAC)
  • Presentation: “Why should we fix this urgently?”  Åke Svensson (CEO – Teknikföretagen)
  • Short remarks on importance to OECD countries – Dirk Van Damme (OECD/CERI)
  • Presentation: Why Curriculum Redesign? Why Maths? Exponential technologies and their impact on humankind – Charles Fadel (Center for Curriculum Redesign)
  • Presentation: “Mathematicians’ reluctance to embrace uncertainty (zero, probabilities, incompleteness)” Michael Kaplan (author, “Chances are”)
  • Presentation: Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology of Mathematics –  Jon Star (Harvard University)
  • Presentation: Mathematics standards of PISA countries – William Schmidt (Michigan State University)
  • Presentation: Why do we teach Mathematics? (CCR to facilitate)
  • Presentation Katz ; Presentation Dauben:  The History of Mathematics teaching; the tension between practice and theory – Joseph Dauben (City University of New York)
  • Video: Teaching Complex Dynamical Systems at Ross schools
  • Presentation: Mathematics and PISA’s future – Dirk Van Damme (OECD/CERI)
  • Presentation: Mathematical Thinking – Keith Devlin (Stanford University)
  • Presentation: Mathematics and the drift towards Purity – Sverker Lundin (University of Gothenburg)
  • Presentation: Stop Teaching Calculating, Start Teaching Maths – Conrad Wolfram (Wolfram Research)
  • Presentation: Mathematics and 21st century skills: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration (Michael Pearson, Mathematical Association of America)
  • Presentation: The importance of Computational Thinking – Maggie Johnson (Google)
  • Presentation: The Power of Visualizations – Staffan Landen (Karolinska Institutet and
  • Presentation: Many Eyes – Irene Greif (IBM)
  • Presentation: “Street-fighting” Mathematics for Everyone – Sanjoy Mahajan (MIT & Olin College)
  • Presentation: Workplace Mathematics – Arthur Bakker (Freudenthal Institute)
  • Presentation: What Mathematics does the workforce really use? – Merrilea Mayo (Kellogg Foundation)
  • Conclusion: “The Stockholm Declaration: Mathematics for the 21st century” (All participants, led by CCR)