Learning Outcomes for Higher Education Series

Thanks to a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CCR has developed a series of leading-edge Learning Outcomes (defined as “what students should know and be able to do” to avoid confusions about taxonomy). For this initial set, the team concentrated on the largest enrolling gateway college courses: Introductions to Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, and Statistics. The principal focus of the Learning Outcomes is to assist faculty and curriculum designers in the creation of course syllabi, content, and assessments.

The Learning Outcomes are the result of the work of expert faculty teams and the analysis of a highly researched set of existing discipline standards which included:

  • Recommendations from leading disciplinary organizations.
  • Comparisons to best-selling textbooks, notable newly released textbooks, AP courses, and discipline assessments.
  • Innovations and modernization, with recent topics and relevant applications of the discipline.
  • Transformational DEI sensitive centered curriculum framework for each of the courses.

These Learning Outcomes are in the process of being approved by the discipline-relevant organizations. In the meantime, our hope is that readers will adopt these Learning Outcomes in their courses and Contact Us to provide feedback.

Introduction to (General) Chemistry

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Statistics/Probabilities