International Symposium on Employability and the Learner Profile (ISELP)
Paris 2019

Supporting Document authored by CCR: BIAC ISELP Paper – EDU EDPC RD 2019 14

Presentation:  Employability in the age of Artificial Intelligence (Charles Fadel, Business at OECD)

Panel 1: Global comparisons of university entrance systems and views from leading-edge employers

Panellist 1: Dirk Van Damme, OECD Global comparisons of university entrance systems

Panellist 2: Riikka Heikinheimo, Confederation of Finnish Industries  Paris at Microsoft 3_10_2019

Panel 2: The need for sorting in Higher Ed admissions offices: how do we expand the Learner Profile without “breaking the bank”?

Panellist 1: Stacy Caldwell, MTC  Caldwell – OECD Three Slides

Panellist 2: Sarah Maddison, Swinburne University  OECD_ISELP_slides_Maddison

Panel 3: Changing the Assessments to change the behavior, and focusing on qualifications

Panellist 1: Andrea Gray, NZQA  ISELP NZQA OECD panel

Panellist 2: Yuri Belfali, OECD PISA  Yuri Belfali PPT 3 Oct assessment event updated

Panel 4: Could Accreditations provide the higher leverage?

Panellist 1: Tala Khudairi, Babson Global  REV2_ISELP_TKhudairi_10-01-19_4slides

Panellist 2: Bradley Shrimpton, International Baccalaureate

Panel 5: “Double Bypass” strategy: should technology firms provide alternative strategies that accelerates change?

Panellist 1: Maria Langworthy, Microsoft

Panellist 2: Khurram Jamil, Area9  Area9 OECD