CCR’s Endorsers and Partners

International Organizations

  • Asia Society

    “The transformation …. makes the Center for Curriculum Redesign’s mission so important.” …read more

    Anthony Jackson
    Vice President for Education,
    Asia Society

  • International Baccalaureate

    “It is important that curriculum and assessments are continuously refined… to prepare young people for the future.” …read more

    Siva Kumari
    Director General
    International Baccalaureate

  • NAIS

    “The success of our students will be reliant upon … knowledge, skills, character, and meta-learning.” …read more

    John Chubb

  • OECD

    “PISA’s future success will closely depend on our ability to rethink ‘what is taught in the 21st century’…I offer your endeavor my full support” …read more

    Andreas Schleicher
    Special Advisor to the Secretary General on Education Policy
    Head Indicators and Analysis Division (PISA)
    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


    “In light of the transformations taking place in the world today, it is essential to question the models we use…” …read more

    Riel Miller
    Head of Foresight

  • World Bank

    “The relevance of appropriate curricular and assessment policies… cannot be overstated” …read more

    Marguerite Clarke
    Senior Education Specialist
    The World Bank Group


  • Alberta

    “We look forward to collaborating with other key PISA jurisdictions, academia, corporations and foundations on this important work for students.” …read more

    Canada Keray Henke
    Deputy Minister
    Alberta Education

  • Finland

    “…what is essential in curriculum necessitates a bold reconsideration of knowledge and learning, contents, and pedagogical practices” …read more

    Finland Timo Lankinen
    Director General,
    Finnish Board of Education

  • South Korea

    “…developing innovative curricula is essential for the 21st century and beyond.” …read more

    South Korea Sun-Geun Baek
    Korean Educational Development Institute

  • Massachusetts, USA

    “…a center devoted to the exploration of appropriate curricula for the 21st century…strikes me as a timely and useful endeavor…to meet the needs of our students and citizens” …read more

    USA Paul Reville
    Secretary of Education
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

  • New South Wales in Australia

    “By joining with you on this initiative we will… promote a new and shared global understanding of curriculum issues” …read more

    Australia Adrian Piccoli
    Minister of Education
    New South Wales, Australia

  • Ontario Ministry of Education

    “Ontario’s participation will be mutually beneficial…in keeping our curriculum current and relevant for students in the 21st century” …read more

    Canada Grant Clarke
    Assistant Deputy Minister,
    Ontario Ministry of Education

  • Singapore

    “…education experts from different jurisdictions come together to re-conceptualise and redesign a curriculum for the 21st century. Singapore is honoured to be invited to participate” …read more

    Singapore Khah-Gek Low
    Director, Curriculum Planning and Development Division
    Singapore Ministry of Education

  • Victoria

    “The innovative work of your Center as a thought leader… is both timely and important” …read more

    Victoria Richard Bolt
    Secretary for Education,
    State of Victoria


  • Founding foundation: Fondation Henri Moser

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Hewlett Foundation
  • Fondation Helvetica Educatio
  • NMEF

    “…producing clearer, more appropriate renditions of educational outcomes is central to steering educational systems…” …read more

    Nicholas Donohue
    President and CEO,
    Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF)

Academic Institutions

  • Harvard

    “The Center for Curriculum Redesign shares the goals of Harvard’s MBE initiative, in creating new practices for effective education in the 21st century – going beyond the traditional, limited views of educational practice and policy.” …read more

    Kurt W. Fischer
    Director of Mind, Brain, & Education
    Harvard University Graduate School of Education

  • “The work you have set out…is vitally important if we are to educate students – from kindergarten through college – in the cross-cutting, transferable skills they will need” …read more

    Lori Breslow
    Director, Teaching & Learning Laboratory,
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Olin College

    “…the need for a fresh conceptualization of education is urgent. This may be the most pressing Grand Challenge of our age.” …read more

    Richard Miller
    President and professor,
    Olin College of Engineering

  • Stanford

    “We’ll be wise to focus on developing learners with the expertise for adapting to the increasingly rapid changes in the world.” …read more

    Roy Pea
    Professor of Education and Director,
    H-STAR Institute


    “…we need to bring together great minds to puzzle over what people need to know and be able to do. All education, industry, and labor ministries have a stake in this work” …read more

    Doug Lynch
    Vice-Dean of the Graduate School of Education
    The University of Pennsylvania


  • Google

    “…as access to information has dramatically redefined what should be part of a 21st century curriculum, one of the most profound questions in education is ‘What should be taught in an age of Google?’” …read more

    Steve Vinter

  • IBM

    “The CCR presciently tackles the critical question “What should be learned in an age of Artificial Intelligence?”. This effort is as far reaching as it is timely…” …read more

    Jim Spohrer
    IBM University programs worldwide

  • Intel

    “…in our more holistic approach to systemic Education Transformation, we are working in multi-stakeholder partnerships around the globe, including Assessment, Curricula and Standards” …read more

    Martina Roth
    Director Global Education Strategy, Research and Policy

  • Microsoft

    “[given the] prickly issue of curriculum in an age of instant and abundant information… what should we teach and what do our next generation learners need to learn?” …read more

    Greg Butler
    Senior Director, Education Leaders Strategy

  • “The importance of addressing this issue cannot be underestimated…” …read more

    Ross Hall
    Director, Education for Economic and Social Development

  • Promethean

    “…your focus on the curriculum is more important than at any time in the last 300 years with the needs of economies and society changing so fast.” …read more

    Jim Wynn
    Chief Learning Officer,

  • Wolfram

    “I am pleased that you see the importance to humanity of achieving these fundamental changes” …read more

    Conrad Wolfram
    Founder & Managing Director
    Wolfram Research Europe

Non-Profit Organizations

  • acara

    “We look forward to supporting your Center… as you pursue this very significant and global undertaking…” …read more

    Robert Randall,
    Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority (acara)

  • Canadian Education Association/Association Canadienne d’Education

    “We look forward… to supporting you in your efforts.” …read more

    Ron Canuel,
    President and CEO,
    Canadian Education Association/Association Canadienne d’Education

  • ERB

    “We relish the opportunity to help redefine what it takes to be a knowledgeable, ethical, and wise citizen…” …read more

    David Clune
    Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

  • The Enrollment Management Association

    “CCR’s vision to challenge, explore, and redefine curriculum is critical to the future of each learner” …read more

    Heather Hoerle
    Executive Director,
    The Enrollment Management Association

  • “The vision that you are building to deeply redesign curricula…is key to the process of transforming education globally” …read more

    Margaret Honey
    President and CEO,
    New York Hall of Science

  • Partnership for 21st Century Learning

    “P21 applauds the vision of CCR to redesign curricula for the 21st Century that is both relevant and engaging…” …read more

    Steven Paine