4D Competencies Framework Version 1.2 Released by CCR

CCR’s 4D, or 4-Dimensional, Framework was first published in 2019. The framework’s core principle, that students must develop in four dimensions – Knowledge, Skills, Character, and Meta-Learning – to best serve themselves and society, has not changed. 

But with the rapid proliferation of AI, CCR recognized that review and revision, especially of the competencies and subcompetencies that support dimensional growth, were necessary to ensure that the framework kept pace with a changing world.  

This reflection and analysis resulted in the first significant update in the Framework’s half-decade of existence, Version 1.2. There are numerous updates embodied in this update, but at a high level the framework: 

  • Combines and relocates some competencies and subcompetencies into a more compact framework (just ten competencies and fifty subcompetencies instead of twelve and sixty respectively).  
  • Brings a focus to each competency’s emphasis, or what is most critical to target when teaching the competency in light of AI’s impact on society.  
  • Highlights why students should learn through the Cross-Dimensional Drivers of Motivation, Identity, Agency, and Purpose.

These changes are reflected and expanded upon in CCR’s just-released new book, Education for the Age of AI (CCR, 2024). Building on the global success of its former books, Artificial Intelligence in Education (CCR, 2019), Four-Dimensional Education (CCR, 2015), and 21st Century Skills (Wiley, 2009), Education for the Age of AI provides a detailed map to Why, What, and How students should learn for the age of AI.